COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Update


Update 5th April 2021

Safe operating from 12th April 2021

  • Social distancing to be maintained at all times from each other and park team members.
  • Your holiday home can only be used by members of the same household.
  • Do not allow children to roam unsupervised around the Park so that they do not, albeit inadvertently, break the social distance rule.
  • No social gatherings.
  • No visitors will be permitted on the Park. (this isn't forever)
  • There will be a one-way system in operation at the entrance to the site and certain narrow paths will have restricted access. Please follow the guidance on our signage.
  • Please wear gloves when using communal bin enclosures. (hand sanitizer is provided)
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus, please call the Park office on 01684 276926 or email us at as soon as possible.
  • Holiday use conditions continue to apply.
  • Please refer to Public Health England Basic Guidance for further advice.
  • Anyone asked to self-isolate must do so at home and not on site under any circumstances.



Flush through water systems to clear out stagnant water, especially shower heads which should be held away from the face to avoid inhaling spray. Please flush each toilet 3 times.

Local relationships are important to us all and some are understandably apprehensive about the potential impact of returning visitors.  They will need reassurance demonstrated by your thoughtfulness.


Update 24th February 2021

Good news – in line with the Government announced roadmap, we are planning to open all of our park to all our Owners in self-contained accommodation from the 12th April 2021. The below FAQ’s have been updated in accordance with the latest government roadmap. For clarity, you can find more information on the following link prime-minister-sets-out-roadmap-to-cautiously-ease-lockdown-restrictions

A polite reminder to all Holiday Homeowners & Holidaymakers that our Holiday Park is still now closed. We are hoping to reopen all park to Owners in self-catering accommodation on the 12th April 2021.

Covid-19 FAQs – Holidaymakers

Can Holiday Homeowners come to the Holiday Park to use or visit their Holiday Home?

In line with the Government announced roadmap, we are planning to open our parks to Owners in self-contained accommodation from the 12th April 2021. Until this date we advise owners not to travel to our parks.

2. Can Holiday Homeowners stay on the park during lockdown? 

Regretfully the answer to that question is no, with the following exceptions;

‘Accommodation providers should only open for those who:

• are unable to return to their main residence
• use that accommodation as their main residence
• need accommodation while moving house or attending a funeral
• need to self-isolate as required by law
• need accommodation for the purposes of their work, or children who need accommodation for the purposes of education
• are elite athletes, their coach or (in the case of an elite athlete who is a child), the parent of an elite athlete, and need accommodation for the purposes of training or competition
• are currently in that accommodation at the time when national restrictions come into force
• are visiting from abroad on holiday or for work purposes
• are being provided accommodation to relieve homelessness’

However, if the site or accommodation has a closed period set by local council annually, for example our ten-month area is closed from 15th January to 15th March every year, therefore as the site is closed then these exceptions can only apply to twelve-month plots.

3. When will the Holiday Park Reopen?

In line with the Government announced roadmap, we are planning to open all of our parks to Owners in self-contained accommodation from the 12th April 2021. Until this date we advise owners not to travel to our parks.

4. Will I have to stay in my Holiday Caravan or Lodge for the duration of my stay after the parks reopen?

You will be free to enjoy your stay at our Holiday Parks in self-contained accommodation provided that you observe the Government social distancing guidance that is in place at the time of your Holiday. You should also practice good hygiene and cleaning procedures just as you would at home. One-way systems may be used in some areas of the park to ensure social distancing can be complied with. For example, this may apply to dog walking areas and nature trails.

Again, you will be required to check in at the office on your first return back like in July and then use the NHS app to check in thereafter.

Please note that the UK situation and Government legislation is changing on a daily basis and we apologise in advance if the rules change at short notice. We are constantly monitoring the situation and keeping up to date with the latest Government advice. The current legislation is enforceable by law. We have a zero-tolerance policy to protect you, other guests and our staff. Our priority is to keep you safe and help to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

 If you have any COVID-19 Symptoms please follow Government advise and stay home, get a test and stay away from the park.


01684 276 926